How to Convert a Video into an Animation

Turning motion into animation was once a complex and time-consuming task. Until the modern era, it took professional animators months or even years to create realistic-looking animations.

For example, in 1940, Disney’s Fantasia took three years of painstaking work to turn human movement into on-screen animation. Even by the early 2000s, animation was still a tedious process that took months to accomplish with any level of realism.

Today, everything has changed. Technology is supercharging the animation process and video can be converted to animation in a matter of minutes. Nearly anyone can produce breathtaking animations with a certain level of talent and training, plus the right tools.

New AI animation tools like Plask make it simple to turn video motion into animation. With just a few clicks, you can transform a short video clip into a delightful character who goes dancing across your screen.

What Is an AI Animation Tool?


An AI animation tool extracts movement from the real world via video, then transforms it directly into digital data an animator can use to work their creative magic. Ideally, it’s a cloud-based system where the only equipment required is a basic webcam, a browser-based editing tool, and a laptop.

After capturing the video motion and uploading it to the AI animation tool, the animator uses the tool to build a fully manipulable animated character. Now they can refine the character and add additional movement, color, character design, and everything else that fully brings it to life.

This is a user-friendly process that simply makes it fun to animate. Converting from video to animation happens quickly and supports the creative process for anyone from a budding animator to a long-time animation industry professional. 

How Does Plask Work?


One of the world’s best and most flexible animation tools is Plask. It was built by a team of AI experts in Seoul, South Korea, and was developed on the concept that animation should be accessible for all people.

As an animation solution, Plask is simple to understand and easy to use. You don’t need any special level of technical training to convert a video and start animating immediately. 

An online demo at shows why Plask is revolutionizing the field of animation. The animator simply imports the video clip, makes formatting selections, then begins using the tool to animate. As you can see, animation begins within mere moments of importing the video file.


Would you like to try using Plask to see how it improves your animation process? We welcome you to explore the Plask user guide to see what’s possible with a new generation of AI-powered animation.

At Plask, we believe that anyone can animate, given the right tools like our AI-powered animation solutions. That’s why Plask is animation by anyone, for everyone.

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