AI Mocap Cloud Software Levels the Field for Small Studios

Any studio owner knows how quickly animation costs can spiral out of control. Motion capture animation brings expenses of anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 per minute depending on numerous factors that strongly impact your budget.

If you run a small studio in gaming, film, or animation arts, you need an affordable way to produce outstanding mocap animation that allows your studio to shine. In this article, we’ll explore an innovative new option for any small studio: mocap AI cloud software.

What is Mocap AI Cloud Software?


Motion capture artificial-intelligence software, or mocap AI, extracts movement from the real world and transforms it directly into digital data. The transformation happens using only basic equipment like a webcam, browser-based editing tool, and laptop.

It’s a cloud-based system with built-in editing tools that allow the animator to instantly refine characters and bring them to life. Within moments, a dancer on video becomes an airborne digital character with endless animation potential.

No mocap suit is required for this process, which is fueled by smart AI. Data points flow directly from the input of your webcam to become fully manipulable animated characters.

You can still bring actors and motion capture performers into your studio if you prefer, but you don’t have to. Your mocap AI software pulls movement patterns straight out of any video footage.

Benefits of Mocap AI Softwarefigure_02

Even the most basic traditional mocap setup can easily set your studio back $50,000. It also takes up a significant amount of your studio space. Plus, it needs constant maintenance on top of the considerable time your staff already spent learning how to use it.

By contrast, mocap AI software completely revolutionizes this setup by providing a slimmed-down approach to small studio animation. It needs minimal equipment, uses minimal space, and requires almost no training time.

It’s user-friendly and fun to use, so it supports the creative process. When your animators sit down to use their mocap AI software for the first time, you’ll see smiling creative professionals who are suddenly feeling a burst of fresh enthusiasm for their work.

Below are the main benefits of cloud-based mocap AI software. Would these advantages help your studio?

Develops Your Studio’s Capabilities

A mocap AI solution breaks through the barriers that hold your studio back. Instead of worrying about cost and resources, your studio focuses on the creative process and competes head-to-head with other studios.

Allows Easy Creative Collaboration

Your animators collaborate, explore, and take your studio’s innovative potential to a whole new level. The animation process no longer feels bogged down and becomes fun again, with boundless creative expression.

Uses Your Existing Technical Expertise and Talent

Your studio already has talented people with extensive technical expertise. This supports them with the kind of design software that puts their skills to good use.

Prevents Outsourcing

Now you can stop relying on slow and expensive outsourcing, which puts your projects at risk. This is an in-house solution that prevents your projects from falling behind due to constant outsourcing challenges.

Reduces the Need to Animate In-House

You won’t need an army of animators to use AI mocap software. Operate with a small staff that’s using precisely the tool they need to deliver world-class animated projects.

Requires Very Little Physical Space

This is an extremely space-conscious setup that uses minimal square footage in your studio: webcam, software, device. That’s it. Your overhead costs are kept to a minimum.

Plask: Leveling the Playing Field for Small Studios

The best example of a small-studio AI mocap solution is Plask. Developed by a team of AI experts in Seoul, South Korea, Plask is founded on the egalitarian idea that a motion-capture toolset should be available to all animators, and all studios, at all levels.

Plask is refreshingly simple to use and fits within the tight budget of any company. See an online demo at that shows why so many small studio owners and CEOs are making Plask their go-to mocap animation solution.

Plask is animation by anyone, for everyone.

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